About me

Miikka-Markus Leskinen, b. 1985.

Master of Social Sciences / Online Advertising Specialist

From Lapland, Finland. I'm currently working in Tampere Area, Finland.

Armenian Genocide Research in Finland

I'm a political scientist and a cultural historian, and have been researching the politics of Armenian Genocide recognition for years. I'm currently planning a Ph.D. research on international recognition of the Armenian question and politics around it. My field of study is International Relations.

My master's thesis was on the topic of Armenian genocide discussion in Finland. Our country isn't officially on the list of countries that have recognized the events.

My upcoming Ph.D. work is situated in the University of Lapland and we are currently applying for funding.

The abstract (summary) of my master's thesis can be found here: Abstract - Armenian Genocide Recognition in Finland

Queries and questions

Email: miikka@leskinen.net
Twitter: MMLeskinen

Online AdOps


I currently work as an Online Advertising Specialist (AdOps) for Fonecta, one of the largest digital marketing agencies in Finland. I plan and manage advertising campaigns mostly for large and medium-sized companies.

I also design and build websites (since 2004) and plan marketing campaigns of my own.


This website is a placeholder for my personal content, marketing campaigns and online discussion. Most of the site is in Finnish language.

The content here runs on Drupal 8, Wordpress and Adobe Fonts.

Miikka-Markus Leskinen AlfaStudio
Picture: AlfaStudio 22.3.2018 (AlfaTV)